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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Growing up!

Spoke with a friend who said: you sound different today, actually you sound grown up

I said: Growing up is inevitable!

But am I really grown up? Most people I associate now will say Noway! Most people I associated a while back will say within the first 10 - 30 mins maybe you have, but they will turn back and say you have not changed after 1hr.

So what does this mean?

Have I grown up? in some ways I have gotten wiser, and excise a extra patience and control, but rest of the time I will be the same me the morals, values in life, what make me happy have not changed they are still there, under the layers of experiences I have gone through for the past couple of years.

What people see for the first half hr is that layer, and it take time to peel off so they will think that I have grown up. I will not deny that I have gotten wiser. Yet growing up is some thing I always believe impossible for me to achieve 100% 

A thought stuck in a tree!

A thought stuck in a tree
Trying to run free with glee
flow like the river
fly like an eagle

but it is stuck in the tree
struggling away to hide
from the dear ones so kind
and the thrones so sharp

it is stuck in the tree
with a will of its own
bound with love and fear
and no peace any near